Name: Nawazish Majeed
Controller of Examination

Name: Waseem Riaz

Director (Admin)

Name: Anees Nawazish
MBA Banking & Finance
Designation: Lecturer

Name: Madiha Irshad
Qualification: MBA
Designation: Lecturer

Name: Mehwish Malik
Qualification: MA (Urdu)
Designation: Lecturer

Name: Farhan Ahmad

MBAHuman Resources Management
Designation: Lecturer

Name: Sarfaraz Ali Qualification: M.Phil (Physics) Designation: Lecturer

Name: Syed Aon Ali
Qualification: M.Phil (Computer Science)
Designation: Lecturer

Name: Mozzam Riaz
Qualification: BS (Computer Science), B.Ed
Designation: Web Developer/Lecturer

Name: Muhammad Irfan
Designation: Customer Relationship Manager

Name: Muhammad Aleem
M.A, B.Ed
Designation: Lecturer

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