Cartoon Animator 4 cracked

Cartoon Animator 4 cracked

Reallusion Cartoon Animator 4 pipeline

Character Animation for After Effects Production

The new CTA to AE pipeline gives the highest flexibility on final compositing and VFX editing in After Effects. Through the AE Script, you can reconstruct exported CTA projects as AE layers, while keeping the keyframes and Z-depth of all objects. 

Design your Vector Content to be Compatible with Multiple Render Style:

  • You can make any vector-based character or prop compatible to a specific color profile thanks to the Render Style editor.
  • In the Group editor, you may select multiple parts and categorize them in different color groups in order to align body parts with the same color tag
  • Once you’ve finished with the color mapping, you will then be able to instantly change the character’s color styles to match with your design tone.

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